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Interval Software Engineering offers consulting services during the key phases of software design, development and implementation.

The ability to implement innovations quickly is critical in an environment where solutions must evolve rapidly to meet changing market requirements.

Our focus is on rapid development, high quality design and implementation. Interval delivers skillfully crafted, reusable, component-based solutions. We help solve business problems and create new business opportunities. Through the innovative use of technology, we give our customers a competitive advantage.

Interval's consultants are senior software designers and architects.


  • Object-oriented analysis and design
  • Application development and implementation
  • Training and Mentoring


Interval has experts who specialize in designing and implementing

  • Applications for graphical visualization of complex data sets
  • Secure systems for electronic commerce and online transaction processing
  • Portfolio, order management and securities trading systems


Our applications are designed to be

  • secure
  • portable
  • distributed for computation in heterogenous networked environments
  • built from reusable components
  • multithreaded
  • interoperable

We have demonstrated success and experience in the financial services sector and developing scientific applications.

Interval employs a fast and flexible approach to development utilizing rapid application development and an iterative model.

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